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Central to a young child's learning ability is their ability to comprehend and communicate thoughts to friends and teachers. Language skills are promoted by stories, poetry and drama. Regular listen and response sessions encourage children to develop self expression and confidence. Termly projects incorporating History, Geography, Science and Art advocate the use of new and interesting vocabulary. French is introduced as a foreign language through music and movement.

Reading and Writing

When a child is ready, the alphabet is introduced phonetically through the use of sensorial materials. Using sandpaper letters each child quickly distinguishes between the different sounds of each letter. Short words are then introduced which the child pronounces and associates with real life objects. This progresses to the formation of sentences with a simple grammatical structure. Children are taught to use the correct names for equipment and objects around them thereby giving them a broad knowledge and extensive vocabulary. The school holds a wide range of books, and uses CD ROMs' to bring the written word to life.


Simple mathematical concepts are initially presented through the use of of practical materials, as this allows the child to conceptualise differences in size and quantities long before written skills are established. As the child advances, the decimal system is taught using both tactile and written materials. This enables more advanced problems to be introduced such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions. As each child becomes more proficient, they are actively encouraged to demonstrate their new found skills to the younger children, further enhancing their understanding.

Information Technology

The school has a Multimedia Computer System which enables the unique interactive presentation of topics through sound and video. A library of CD ROMs' is available to both teachers and pupils for IT sessions and project work. Children are taught the basics of computer terminology and use, with an emphasis being placed on their application as an information resource.